Do you install the cabinets after you're done?

We don’t do Installation, you will need your own installer. But we can provide recommendations to make this process easier for you!

Do you build furniture?

No, but we can build furniture styled cabinets

Do you build Frameless Cabinets?

No, But we do build Cabinets that can give a frameless look with the same integrity and strength as a frameless face frame.

Do you build tables?

No, only cabinetry.

Do you use Laminates?

No, we don’t work with Melamine, or Laminates – Wood Only.

Do you Finish in-house?

No, but we do work closely and locally with a high quality finisher, and make sure it’s still a seamless process for you!

Do you do retrofitting?

No, We don’t modify existing cabinetry. All our cabinets are Tailor-Made and Custom!

I have plans, should I email them to you?

Yes, please do! Email us any plans you have, that way we can reach out after looking them over!

Do you measure on-site?

Yes, I measure on-site!

Do you do Refacing?

Usually we don’t, but it is a case-by-case basis!


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